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Flourishing your homes with luxury living

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. At Interia, we believe in capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. We believe that beauty should not be a privilege reserved for those born with a platinum spoon, but should be a basic requirement for everyone. Grace and elegance are not only ideals to aspire to, they are expressed in everything we see. Knowing this, we are merely responding to the inner desire of folks who wish to live artistically and in beautiful spaces that enrich their sense of self.

Our brand embodies global refinement and an indigenous design sensibility that is influenced by current and traditional interior design . The organization has already grown its business to mega-cities such as Gurgaon, South Delhi, Delhi NCR, and North India after barely 12 years of operation. In the short time, we've been in business, we've completed over 400 successful projects and are diligently trying to complete more.

Interia, an interior designing studio is translating extravagant fantasies into well-designed functional spaces. With impeccable taste and style, we custom-make luxury homes for our diverse client base, located in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR.

Interia has been known for developing attractive residential, business, and retail spaces since its debut in 2009. We have swiftly established ourselves as an authoritative and trustworthy name in the field of interior design and home decorating due to our extreme simplicity, refinement, and minimalism. Our resolution is to design and install spacious homes that boast a touch of taste, class, and pedigree.

We attempt to keep our designs simple and elegant, with highly evolved design sensibilities, a natural leaning toward minimalism, and an understanding that form always follows function. Design, for us, is about giving structure to experiences, elevating and making them current while remaining timeless. We believe that spaces should stimulate our senses, touch our emotions, and, of course, address the need for which they were designed, all while adding joy to our lives. Our team of turnkey interior designers ensures that the design and structuring are carried out properly without jeopardizing the customers' lifestyles. Our fabrication unit at Interia is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure a fast work tempo, on-time delivery, and cost-effective interior services for our customers.

Who we share our houses with is more than a piece of furniture; it is a travel companion, something that will stay with us throughout our lives, establishing an intimate personal bond that represents our vision of beauty. It's a presence that grows old with us, day by day acquiring that distinct gloss that only time can provide. The perfect balance between the head, plain functioning, and the heart, which brings our sense of beauty and emotion into play, is a challenging assignment when deciding what we will share our homes with. Such decisions must inevitably mirror our personal feelings and provide the same level of enjoyment on a daily basis.


Interia: Your imaginations into immersence

We know that your home is the treasure chest of your living. Our persistence and diligence towards our clients are constantly giving us food for thought and setting us free from any misconception created by the style, pre concepts, ideas, and fashion waves on the market. We take into account all of our clients' artistic contributions to make their homes a reflection of their personalities traits and voguish lifestyles. Our skilled bespoke interior designers offer a variety of innovative and functional solutions in order to create an appealing living area. Our art is in creating immersive experiences that provoke emotion and motivate action, and realism is only the beginning. We intend to make our clients fall for our designed saccharine residence.

Exceed the boundaries of dimensions

The ease of use is the most important criterion for a successful design. Yes, the client is first concerned with the project's aesthetics, and it is only after it has been realized that the client can assess how pleasant the solution is. Our goal is to give you the best combination of a gorgeous shell and functionality because a beautiful execution without the ease of use is useless.

Re-imagining every corner of your home while taking inputs from you is what drives our inner creativity. Once our Interior Design and Architecture team has fully understood your key requirements and design sensibilities, we combine our creative expertise with 3-D modeling and technology to provide you with suitable designs and interiors.

We listen.

We think

We reimagine

we recreate


Taste of modern design

Purchasing a new home often entails enjoyable chores prior to moving in. It entails selecting furniture, decorating walls and ceilings, wallpapering, and arranging various ornamental components throughout the property, among other things. In certain moments, each of us feels our inner designer awakens, but we lack the necessary experience. Every detail in a good project has a certain location for a reason. When designing a project, designers normally keep two things in mind:

  • Aesthetics
  • Living Comfort

Our interior designers work with you in complete synchronization to implement all the desired strategies so that your vision comes to life. The reason to choose us is that we provide professional services. Design necessitates constant attention and time; otherwise, you won't be able to keep up with all of the nuances and current trends. We are always honing our talents and providing our customers with innovative and daring solutions.

Another factor is a price policy that is tailored to the needs of the customer. Our services are affordable right from the start and we provide attractive discounts and benefits to our regular customers. As a result, cooperation is beneficial to both parties. You may rest assured that if you apply to Andrey Sokruta studio, you will always receive high-quality interior design services at reasonable prices.

interior designer in gurgaon
interior designer in gurgaon
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