Interia is an integrated full service architectural and interior solutions company. Interia has deep capabilities to conceptualize, execute and manage an interior project on turnkey basis – from conceptualization to execution. Interia’s sub-units including Interia Arc®, Interia Hub®, Interia Project® and Interia Worx®, each specializing in different aspects of the project, form the backbone of the organization. Interia is committed to provide best-in-class products and services. Combine it with robust after sales service and Interia warranty and you know that your project is in reliable hands. Interia also offers sepcial services to architects and interior designers who would like to take advantage of Interia’s world class capabilities in fabrication.

Management Behind Interia – The Interior Designers Based at Gurgaon

Interior Designer in Gurgaon - Umesh KumarInteria is born with the dream of transforming the Indian home to global standards. To create unsurpassed beauty and harmony in ones living environment so that it is at once invigorating and inspiring.

CEO Umesh Kumar (better known as UK) since his days at IIT has nurtured a dream of creating beautiful harmonious spaces which represent the latest in design, materials and technology. While furnishing his own residence at a Gurgaon Condo, he realized that the industry lacks the desired level of professionalism. Time and cost overruns are the norm than an exception. And to top it all quality and backup service leaves a lot to be desired. Often Murphy’s law (i.e. anything that can go wrong will go wrong) is in full force.

It is with this intention UK set up Interia to deliver cutting edge interior solutions with full control on time, cost and quality to make the complete process hassle-free for an aspiring home owner. Umesh is a Civil Engineer and a qualified MBA from India’s premier institutes. With 20+ years of corporate experience and keen interest in cutting-edge design