Bespoke Office Furniture Designing

A modern office cannot be complete without the furniture items that are designed entirely for it. At Interia, we provide bespoke office furniture designing so our clients can easily customize their office furniture as per their own space needs. Each piece is handcrafted and customized with top-quality materials.

Our high-quality bespoke furniture truly evokes your brand image and our professionalism with appealing and cozy designs. Our office furniture designs are known for their great storage options and minimalistic looks. You can choose to create the personal touch and dimensions of your furniture. Let our team handle the rest.

Whether you want us to design a dazzlingly white office desk covered by a bookcase unit having a range of colors, a wall-mounted writing desk for a small office, or a low-storage unit, all your office furniture design needs are on us. We provide the most uncluttered and modern furniture solutions.

Our Process

  • Choose your design: Our design team will visit your office to discuss your needs and ideas.
  • Presentation: Our designers will come up with elevations, plans, and 3D visuals to give you an exact idea of how your office furniture is going to be.
  • Survey: Our technical team will inspect your space for cross-verification before starting the process. It is important because every part of the rough design should work in real life.
  • Manufacturing: All your furniture pieces will be manufactured using time tested skills of our expert craftsmen.
  • Installation: Our professionals will take care of your office space throughout the whole process and carry out the stress-free installation.
  • Aftercare: We always stay in touch with our clients even after the final delivery of the project.

Why Do You Need Bespoke Office Furniture?

As part of our bespoke office furniture design services, we come up with unique pieces to meet your unique needs. Whether you need a specific configuration, match the existing interior or décor, accommodate specific equipment or technology, or looking for a very similar color, our team will be there.

We design and configure in-built storage to match the dimensions and contours of office space and create reception furniture strictly according to your brand image. From desks to conference tables to meet specific needs related to workflow and creativity, we have a vast network of designers to come up with the right designs.

We also make the process more cost-effective and streamlined than the whole bespoke furniture while adding unique details to them.

Does your office furniture match your corporate persona?

You work hard to maintain your brand image and stand out in the competition to bring clients to your business. But what about your office space where you and your staff spend most of their time?  How could you impress your visitors and clients if office furniture looks different than your brand presence? We offer a huge range of bespoke office furniture solutions tailored to your company’s needs and image. We pay close attention to every detail and ensure every element meets your design needs.

Improve your staff’s productivity and morale
Our high-end bespoke office furniture creates an office environment that can keep your employees’ productivity and morale high. We also create a custom lounge where your staff can chill and de-stress and be ready for the next challenges.

Push the limits
If your office furniture feels outdated and boring, it’s time to add a high-quality, modern design for a more fluid layout. We will help in making your office space even more special. All our office furniture items are custom fitted to meet the highest industry standards.

Office furniture is subject to wear and tear if it is used most often and office furniture designs soon feel boring and old. With our bespoke furniture design, you can add a WOW factor to your office space and impress your clients. Bespoke office furniture is such a valuable investment to improve your creativity and productivity and finally impress the clients.

Feel free to get in touch with us so our team can understand your needs and help you in the process. We can suggest you the right steps to meet your specific needs.

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interior designer in gurgaon
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