Commercial Interior Designers in India

Commercial Interior Designers in India

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner for commercial interior designing in Delhi and across India, you’ve landed at the right place.

We provide bespoke office interior designing that meets both your needs and budget. We are deeply involved in commercial interior designing with excellence in various ventures. Our best office interior designers have an imaginative vision and a one-of-a-kind approach to come up with a great plan to structure your interior design.

We pursue our work with a unique approach to beat the competition. We have a healthy work culture that is reflected in the structure of your commercial space, whether it’s an institution, a wellness clinic, an office space, hospitals, grocery stores, or a clinic.

Our Commercial Interior Design Solutions

The designer’s expert touch and the client’s feelings are two things that an excellent design always portrays. Each of your spaces will express your brand image with our retail interior designing solutions. Currently, we are serving the following clientele –

Retail Stores

Your shop forms a long-lasting impression among your customers with its appearance. The interior decoration, side-by-side space, item displays, and presentation, everything plays its part to attract customers.

At Interia, we believe in designing a space that can easily divert customer’s attention to many other products that they haven’t planned to buy. Our efficient space planning ensures each space is being used accurately and efficiently. We understand how to make your shop meet your personality. We consider the customer outreach and commercial image before coming up with the final design.


Today’s clinic shouldn’t be specific to a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic with a few pictures of the anatomy and a timetable. Instead, we focus on making clinics even more attractive and cozy that can make your patients feel relaxed and assured that they have finally reached the right place for treatment. We always come out with unique approaches and techniques as we know what we do.

We always go the extra mile while designing your clinic to fulfill all of its functional needs. We always help clients to choose maintenance-free furniture to ensure the comfort of visitors and patients. Smooth accessibility to disabled patients, proper ventilation, and a cozy color scheme are some of the factors.

Office Interiors

Your office is a place where people spend most of their time in a lifetime. So, an office should be a place everyone can work comfortably without any stress. We have a holistic space for office interior designing to make it look trendy and stylish. We have a great team of craftsmen and artisans to come up with a design that can easily match your brand image.

Institutional Interior Design

The interior design of your institution should define the environment of your premises itself. Executing and designing an institutional interior is not easy. No matter how much space available to you, we specialize in playing with space and transforming the same into premises with the feeling of positivity. Our open and free structures always encourage better learning.

Hospital Interiors

Our interior designers are well versed in designing hospitals with a unique ambiance. We choose the best color combinations and designs that can reflect reliability to your visitors and patients. We know what a hospital structure needs. Hence, our designers work accordingly.

Why are we the Best Commercial Interior Designers in India?

We are well-regarded for industry-leading commercial interior designs. We have assorted creative thoughts of our team and our unmatched vision to improve the appearance of commercial interiors for various clients. We design computer graphics to give you a rough idea of how your commercial interior space will look.

We seek your specifications and make changes as per your requirements to come up with a solid visual master plan. Our experts are always there to help you in case you are confused to pick the best planning for the inner structuring of your business. We always come up with a solid space plan to match your brand image and business persona.

Our designers can change the overall outlook of your office space which results in an ultimate delight and better productivity at work. Our architects are well versed to make interior structures to attract your clients.

Have any questions?

Do you have any queries about our interior designing solutions? Feel free to talk to our experts who will come up with the best solutions.

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