Contemporary Bathroom Designs Insights by Interia, Interior Design Company

Contemporary Bathroom Designs Insights by Interia, Interior Design Company

Bespoke modern bathroom design is the latest buzz across the world of interior designing and decoration. Contemporary design ideas, which were earlier restricted to only the living room, dining area, and bedrooms, have now extended to bathrooms. The contemporary bathroom designs by the celebrity home interiors designers in Gurgaon are exclusive and excellent. A well-designed bathroom has its own aura and style that lends an inviting signature to the entire living space.

Let us now wag our glance through some of the best contemporary ideas for your bathroom designing and decoration.

Simple & Straight Silhouettes
Straight, clear, and sleek lines are the signature of contemporary style. The modern design offers a warm and welcome feel. Therefore, a contemporary bathroom must feature neat and clean lines in every aspect ranging from bathroom fittings to cabinets and vanity. Go away with elaborate designs; the simple and minimalistic look is now winning hearts.

Whatever materials you use for modern bathroom cabinets, make sure that the design features purity and simplicity. Raw and rustic charm is in demand. Don’t make any effort to hide their natural beauty as that is what contemporary design is all about.

A mix of neutrals and bold colors creates an ideal color palette for your modern-styled bathroom. Go with aqua, silver, or bright ivory to offer a spa-like feel. A touch of bright colors like grass green, hot pink, lemon yellow, etc also highlights the wonderful details of your modern bathroom fittings. Some more color options that perfectly go well with the contemporary designs are red and black, white, grey, yellow, chocolate brown, and purple.

Proper lighting is important to highlight the bespoke, luxurious, and modern design of your bathroom. Choose bright and luminous lighting to make the fresh and sleek look of your bathroom more charming. Even if you prefer dimmer lights, don’t forget to install accent lights. The lighting should be done in such a way that the tub and shower areas are not focused on.

Bath fixtures
Bath fixtures are integral to any bathroom designed and decorated in a contemporary style. Simple, stylish, and shiny bathtubs, as well as a one-piece toilet in combination with other fixtures and accessories flaunting off metallic finishing in soft and elegant shades, are some favorite ideas to create a contemporary look in your bathroom.

Last but not the least, make sure that your bathroom looks and feels spacious. Install glass shower, floating vanities and mirrors to create space illusion. For contemporary bathroom designs, visit

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