Do's & Don'ts of Decorating a Living Room

Your living room is where you greet your guests. It is the first room of your apartment to come into view of your visitors. It is important to decorate your living room in a way that creates a feel of comfort for the inmates and picks up praise of the guests. After all, you spend most of your free time with your family members and friends in your living room.

The home interiors designers in Delhi have some important tips of do’s and don’ts to dress up your living room in uniquely fascinating and functional way.

Make sure it’s perfect riot of colours

Some people are in favour of a living room full of colours. The idea is not bad at all, unless you fail to match the colours for every element right from carpets to cushions and wall paints to pillows. The colours spread throughout the room should create a unifying theme that perfectly goes well with your personality, passion and preference. However, don’t follow the grammar strictly as it will make your room too surreal and sterile.

Create a focal point

Plan on creating a centre of attraction in your living room? Usually, the television set often functions as a centerpiece, with other items thrown around it. The centerpiece is often the homeowner’s most favorite and/or expensive item. Once you identify what is going to be the focal point, plan your living room decoration around it.

Choose wall paint colour last
Most people make a serious mistake by choosing the wall paint colour first. Wall paint comes in a wider variety and you can easily change the colour. Instead, pay attention to other items that you are less likely to change in your lifetime or at least, in remote future. The wall colour should be the last thing to consider while doing living room decoration.

Never use a small rug

Use a rug that covers the legs of all major furniture pieces of your living room. If that is not possible, make sure that the front legs are placed on the rug.

Never spend on a low-quality seat

Whether you are buying chairs or sofas for your living room, never invest on a low-quality piece. An expensive piece for seating will lend a touch of elegance and luxury to your living room. Any effort to save money on this investment will ruin your dining room décor.

Hang artworks at eye level
Do you want your guests to look up to the areas closer to ceiling just to see the artworks? Hang the artworks at the eye level so that everyone can clearly see those.

Choose the right interiors designers in Gurgaon and get your dream home designed.

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