Features That Make Residential Interior Design Distinctive!

Features That Make Residential Interior Design Distinctive!

When we talk about residential interior designing, we are not talking about any one element of art; on the contrary, it is a balance between various elements of art and design which together in harmony creates wonderful décor in the room. Perfect blend and coordination of minor features such as floor covering, lighting and window treatment along with major features such as furniture and wall décor produce the harmonious result of pleasing interior decoration. According to Interia, one of the best interior designer in Delhi, though this principle is applicable in both commercial and residential interior design, the basic difference is residential interior design is based on livability and commercial interior design is more based on functionality.

Large scale features in the room!
Large scale features in the room Play an important role in all the interiors. According to top interior designers, if we are talking about wall coverings, then we will need to take into account things like color, texture and other visual aspects. Light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb it. So the use of light colors in a small room will make it look all the more spacious and bright. Selection of furniture can be done by taking the scale and proportion of the room into account.

Coordinated accessories can play the trick!
According to luxury interior designers, there is no denial of the fact that accessories of a room can either make it or break it. So chose accessories mindfully. Accessories should be such which should not only offer high functionality, but it should also balance the overall atmosphere of the room and should be pleasing to your eyes. Lighting is one of the most important features and you should take ample time to choose the right lighting in the room. Windows are the place that offers ample space and opportunity to play with colors, textures, and fabrics.  Accessories are the reflection of the home owner’s personality.

Reflection of your personality!
According to home interior designers, both residential and commercial interior designers use basic principles of design for interior designing of the room. But residential interior designing have extra demands in terms of livability and aesthetic value. Interior designers cannot just design the room based on the purpose for which the room will be used. Along with usability, they will have to take into account the personality of the people who will be using the room.

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