How to Choose Furniture for a Small Space?

How to Choose Furniture for a Small Space?

It’s not easy to choose the right pieces of furniture for your home. The task is more challenging if you own a small apartment. You should avoid buying bulky furniture, as it will occupy a larger area of available space and make your apartment look cluttered.

When you want to furnish a small space, you should purchase furniture having multiple uses. The best interior designers in Delhi NCR have some simple tips and tricks on choosing the right types of furniture for your small space to make it look spacious.

Choose Slim Furniture
Slim furniture pieces are the best fits for small spaces. For example, if you buy a bed with a heavy headboard, the room will look stuffy. Instead, take a slim pick. It is better to choose a bed with exposed legs to make your room spacious and airy.

Never Block View
When buying furniture for your small apartment, make sure that it does not prevent sunlight from streaming into the room. Pick up a slim chair, open rack or glass-top table that does not obstruct the sight line.

Push It to the Perimeter
If possible, push the furniture to the edge of your room instead of placing it in the middle. A sofa or dining table placed at the middle of your room will occupy the precious space of your room and make it look clumsy. Mount your LED TV on wall, install wall bookshelves or place a seat under the window to free up some space on the floor.  And yes, throw some pieces to float around on the floor to create an illusion of space.

Use All-Purpose Pieces
Buy multi-purposes pieces that you can use in different ways. Buy a standing open storage shelf that can double up as a display unit for indoor plants and artifacts.

Consider Versatile Uses
A furniture piece can fit different rooms, depending on the purpose of its use. A chair designed for a living room can be used in a dining room as well. For example, you can install a garden bench directly under the window to create an additional space for seating.

Create Additional Storage
A small apartment means limited carpet area. Therefore, you should install furniture that offers more storage space. For example, a TV unit featuring an additional cabinet is a perfect piece to store some essentials.

A few simple tricks by interior designers in Gurgaon can make your small apartment look spacious. You just need to let your imagination run wild.

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