How to Optimize Your Kitchen Space?

How to Optimize Your Kitchen Space?

Any homemaker knows importance of creating space in kitchen. A practical thought will make your kitchen more spacious and organized. If a kitchen decoration is done perfectly, you will have everything within your arm’s reach. Here is a list of few excellent ideas from the top interior designers in Delhi to optimize the available space in your kitchen.

Make a good use of heights
If you don’t get enough time to make ice-creams at home, can you remember the last time when you used your ice-cream maker? Store away the rarely used utensils and other items by making a clever use of the space near the ceiling of your kitchen.

Use hooks
Keep the kitchen countertop clean and uncluttered by installing a copper pipe fitted with hooks to hang your mugs or other items having handles.

Create storage above windows
It is possible to create storage shelves above the windows. Store the items you seldom use. The arrangement will not block the sunlight and at the same time, will create more space for storage.

Set up a retractable rack
Using a retractable rack inside your cupboard makes it easy for the homemakers to store pans and pots as well as take those out whenever needed.

Store plates vertically
Vertical storage is a space-saving idea. Use a shelving space and store your dining plates vertically. You can easily take the plates out and put those in.

Use the inside of your cabinet
Allow your imagination to run wild. Do you know the inside of kitchen cabinets can put to good use for storing small utensils? Use hooks to hand those.

Use kitchen islands to create space
It is a new craze in kitchen designing and decoration. Use your kitchen island to create space and at the same time, save space as well. The island will look similar to any normal kitchen island from the front side but store anything from rarely used accessories to cookbooks in the back.

Make a good use of unused space
Use both sides of the lower cabinets to hang colanders and chopping boards. It also makes an ideal spot to hang other hang-worthy items as well.

Show off your platter collection
Yes, it is possible to do that even in your kitchen! Create a wooden or marble rack on the wall to store your plates. It makes not only an innovative storage space but also lends a touch of art to your wall.

Keep veggies out of sight
You need to store potatoes and onions in a cool and dark place. Use cane-made baskets to store those veggies and keep them away from light.

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