Perplex your Interior by Infusing Rajputana Architecture Styles

Perplex your Interior by Infusing Rajputana Architecture Styles

After hearing the term 'Rajputana' word, the first thing that comes to mind is rulers. It reminds us of our great kings and queens who gladly serve their country. But have you ever considered why we have a different vibe when we think about them? Perhaps it is because we are so enthralled by their royal lives and personalities. But there is one major factor that influences us the most: their architecture, or what we refer to as a palace, fort, or castle. Architecture is more than just creating spaces. It is a method of designing living spaces. So, here are some architectural elements that elevate the spaces and architecture to a higher level.

One of the marvelous accomplishments is the playing of various themes from various architectural styles. In an exuberant display of grandeur, Muslim designs and Rajput style combine with Gothic elements known as Indo-Saracenic, from French rococo to medieval baroque, from ottoman to neoclassical styles. Rajasthan's magnificent historic palaces and forts bear witness to a bygone era's glory. The culture of the region is also rich in folk arts and crafts, vibrant colors like those of the tie-and-dye styles of Bandhej and Lehariya, and Shimmering Thar desert folklore. Interia is one such bespoke interior designing company that incorporates the potential to amalgamate the perfect blend of Rajputana interior design with the modern way of living. The brand is a master of both the art and science of interior design.

It conjures images of rich palaces, vibrant art and craft, and sophisticated interiors, all of which are integral to Rajasthani culture. Rajasthan is a new homeowner's and interior designer's joy, with a strong, royal past that continues to pour its soul into present times. Features to look for while finding the top 10 architects in Gurgaon.

Even a short stroll through its maze of markets in Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur will leave you with pinwheels of colour in your head and multiple shopping bags bursting at the seams. Low sitting, which was a requirement of the Rajput lifestyle and a fixture in all palaces, can bring a little bit of royal life into your home.

Here are Rajputana interior design recommendations for your home, all of which are guaranteed to change your space and give it a sophisticated and regal atmosphere.

  1. 1. Alis- carved lattice screens

Alis is intricately carved lattice screens that provide partial views, excellent ventilation, and filtered light that casts a plethora of shadows throughout the day. The arched jalis in this example are carved in sandstone to create an inside-outside connection and to give the grand entrance foyer a traditional Rajasthani look. Jalis is also suitable for the construction of semi-private partitions, skylights, windows, and railings.

  1. 2. Mirrors and puppets to add some trad vibe!

Puppetry, also known as Kathputli in the local language, is a thousand-year-old form of entertainment. Kath means wood, and Puthli means doll, and these gold, red, and yellow-hued dolls may still be found in Rajasthani homes and shops. Gather a group of puppets and stage a scenario from the Mahabharata or Ramayana. Alternatively, hang a set of puppets and little triangular or square-shaped mirrors on a thread over your entrances. Pick your puppets from a wide selection in Pushkar's Sadar Bazaar.

  1. 3. Textiles that would make you go wow!

Rajasthan is also noted for its textiles, in addition to its handicrafts. Block prints, mirror work, and embroidery are all combined in a mesmerizing blend to create vibrant bursts of color in your home.

If properly themed, a modest seating area in your home can provide a touch of grandeur and resplendence. Set up a two-person bed with elaborately embroidered Rajasthani blankets and covers on cushions or bolsters. Add a low-hanging swing or a table with cushioned chairs made of wood painted with attractive designs to create a focal point. Bring in a palette of muted mustards, muted maroons, muted greens, and vibrant pinks. Choose the best architect for your dream home.

Personalize your decor to suit your preferences. Do you want to go for a clean and simple look? On your low seats, make a modest arrangement of block-printed little square cushions and combine them with a handwoven, bright-hued rug. Do you want to take a risk by combining an electric blue or burnt orange fabric wall hanging with an attractive wooden jharokha artwork to add some pzazz? You might also choose multi-colored tapestries that are elaborately weaved. If you are interested in any of these then Interia is your one-stop destination for all your intended desires.

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