Interior Designing Ideas Inspired by Mughal Architecture

Interior Designing Ideas Inspired by Mughal Architecture

With the ideal amalgamation of Islamic, Turkish, Indian, and Persian elements, Mughal architecture is creating wonders that never stop to astonish people with its breath-taking designs. Vibrant colors, beautifully designed carvings, and delicate artwork are some of the various elements that decide the outlook of your home. No matter what time we are living in Mughal architecture has always grabbed the attention of humans globally. It is not surprising that people still resonate with Mughal home decor ideas. The Mughal touch envisions royalty and adds a class and style to your house.

The luxury interior designers in Gurgaon, Interia have made sure to keep the charm of Mughal architecture alive with their bespoke interior designs. According to your needs, they have a plethora of options for you to choose from.

Adding the touch of Mughals inspired pillars

Pillars are considered the most notable part of Mughal home decor ideas. It presents you with sheer heritage and a glorious past. Replicating the traditional-looking arch or box pillars with the Mughal ones adds beauty and elegance to the home and shapes your home into a regal empire.

Paint your home with glass motifs

Mughal-themed interior design has its own fashion statement. Walls are the most prominent part of your home. It can transform your home's overall look and style. With a little artistry and a lot of imagination, your walls can revolutionize the structure of your home. Colors never go out of style instead it molds the view into a fascinating glimpse. Purple, pink, turquoise blue, sea green, and peacock blue are very prominent colors in Mughal architecture. Baby pink, matt silver, and even silver grey are the perfect choice if you want to go for the lighter tone. To give your home a traditional touch, glass motifs will help you in bringing out the same.

Dining table that showcases royalty

Mughals have left us a treasure trove of beauty. In order to bring the Mughal look to your home, you need to opt for the dinnerware that resemblance the era. From hand-painted/ crafted dinner sets to beautiful looking crockery, and even artistically designed silverware are all part of the Mughal architectural theme that is the epitome of class and excellence. Not to forget the touch of gold plating and fine lining that adds to the beauty and style.

Select antiques that make you go wow

Embracing your home with antiques is another way to embellish your home and add a traditional touch to the home decor. Mughals have a royal and magnificent taste that makes anyone awestruck and fall in love with the design. Antiques have a very different look and feel to them. The most important aspect of keeping up the antiques is that you need to take all the mandatory measures to maintain their value for a lifetime.

Handwork that makes your design count

Delicate handwork and artistic artistry are the unconventional beauty of the Mughal era. Boring and old-fashioned doors can be replaced with crafted ones. To bring creative artwork and exemplary finishing to your home- paint the door in radiant and vibrant colors, add the final change of craft items and hang motifs to introduce the brilliant artistry. Even in your windows, you can incorporate the different styles and designs that glorify the look of the house.

Mughal Empire is long gone but nothing could duplicate the authenticity and heavenly legacy of Mughal architecture. Timeless architecture involving vaulted ceilings, arches, domes, rich murals, intricate stonework, and many more has been continually inspiring the modern artwork that resonates with the individuals. The carpentry, the styling, the motifs of the Mughal architecture reflects the era of grandeur and splendor that makes everyone startled with alluring artistry.

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