Office Architect Design Solutions

Office Architect Design Solutions

Are you looking for a comprehensive office architect solution? Interia is the best and one-stop destination. The quality of our lives depends very much on our surroundings. We provide office architect solutions that can help improve staff productivity and profitability. We have delivered excellent architectural interior design services to our industrial and commercial clients.

Smarter Design, Efficient Construction

Interia is well regarded for its holistic approach because we take our time to hear our clients so we can help them meet their specific goals related to architectural design. We are devoted to providing professional architect design services by adhering to your budget, schedule, and needs. We create functional spaces that serve different purposes while matching with various aesthetic environments.

We are committed to excellence. We develop healthy business relationships with our clients. We are proud to have a knowledgeable team that is focused on quality to provide timely and reliable services. We are efficient and direct in our approach as we are driven by our goal to exceed our clients' expectations. We provide innovative solutions with world-class technology in all phases of our services. We strive to refine our process from time to time.

Our Process

Here’s the breakdown of what we do to provide architectural design services in India –

  • Initial consultation: This is a pre-design phase where our architects meet the clients and define basic requirements and purpose for the project. In this process, our architect provides historic research and master planning on the existing building site. We present the concepts and design ideas and seek clients’ feedback to come up with a rough estimate of how the office building is going to be like and how it will be organized.
  • Design Development: Once the client finalizes the plan, we develop a rough sketch of elevations. These drawings are important to give a general idea of how the final office is going to look like. The architects help the contractor and clients get a clear idea of the project's quality, size, and cost before completing the contract documents.
  • Selection: After deciding the plans and elevations with specifications and drawings, our architect helps the clients choose the right materials and finishes to ensure the best results. Our architects work with other consultants like structural, civil, and mechanical engineers as per the complexity of the project.
  • Contract Negotiation: The architect helps clients to choose the right contractor. This way, clients can get the best quality and value for money during the phase of construction.
  • Approval: The architect ensures that contractors and clients are satisfied with the specifications and drawings. An architect serves as an unbiased and independent advisor for the clients.

They also –

  • Resolve the conflicts between specifications and drawings
  • Come up with detailed drawings and written responses
  • Approve applications from the contractor to ensure that client is getting what they are paying for
  • Approve any changes to the plans asked by the contractor.
  • Negotiate the disputes between the client and contractor which may take place and propose the right solutions to issues.

Why Choose Us?

At Interia, we offer an extensive range of office architect solutions to our clients. We design and plan technologically-driven and smart solutions for commercial spaces to complexes. Our experts come up with detailed know-how with power conservation, ample utilization of space, and other elements while creating the sophisticated architectural design of any project. Interia has always been the forerunner of world-class architectural design solutions.

We have experienced interior designers and architects who are well versed to know the project needs of clients. We are well known to provide responsive and suitable architectural design services. We believe in handling healthy competition for great results. We are well known for having a great knowledge base with deep client interaction. Our team is well versed in giving aesthetically pleasing, practical, and efficient solutions.

Our architects and design team makes the best use of site integration, visual databases, design, and animation tools for interior and architecture designs. We have the latest tools and technologies to stand ahead in the competition.

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