Perfect Recipe for Outstanding Residential Interior Design!

Perfect Recipe for Outstanding Residential Interior Design!

A residence may differ from another residence in terms of size like large houses to a single room apartment or a studio apartment, but they all cover some basic living spaces. According to home interior decorators in Gurgaon, if an interior decorator is able to produce good results in these spaces, his design will be a success with the client.

Since the entrance is the first place which any visitor will see, it will play a major role in creating an impression in the minds of the people. It is the pace where you greet your guest. It should have enough space for your guest to move in comfortably inside the house. Amount of furniture at the entrance will mainly depend on the size of the entrance. According to interior decorators in Delhi, since it is that part of the house where people will not spend much time, you can take the liberty of decorating the entrance more dramatically than rest of the house. You can not only use bold colors and patterns but put exclusive decorative pieces to create an ambiance.

Dining Room!
Experts at the interior designing company in Gurgaon, tell that the dining room should be a place where a family should be able to eat together in peace. The dining room can either be a separate room or a part of another room itself. In either case, color scheme and placement of furniture should be on calmer tone. Use of light color and subtle furniture with high storage and functionality can play the trick. If the dining room is part of another room then there should be some synchronization in terms of character or color scheme.

According to home interior designers in Delhi, the efficiency of the kitchen basically depends on the traffic pattern between various work centers. It is important to place a refrigerator near a platform which has space to put food which will go in the refrigerator or will be taken out from it. Similarly, there should be ample space on both sides of the sink for food preparation, stacking of dishes to be washed and stacking washed dishes.

If we talk about bedrooms in a modern home it is no more a place used for sleeping. According to interior designers in Gurgaon, it is a place which will be used for reading, watching television, playing board games, sewing, and all other activities. Present designers have to take all this into account while designing a bedroom.

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