Post Modern Architecture to Make You Elite

Post Modern Architecture to Make You Elite

Between the 1920s and 1930s, the minimalistic approach crept into interior design and eventually became a trend for those looking for a new look at their living space. In keeping with the modern concept of interior design, the homeowners and interior designers went for contemporary furniture but there were not many to choose from. Therefore, modern interior decoration became synonymous with minimal use of furniture. Those, who needed and could afford, started designing their customized furniture pieces for their interiors.

Features of Post-Modern Architecture & Furniture
Interestingly, we see some amazing lag between the architecture and furniture of the post-modern period. Post-modern architecture saw the use of more colors and columns. The construction took clues from different forms of traditional architecture and made a collage of the best elements from both worlds. Post-modern furniture expressed itself as a rebel against modernism. The trend was obvious in post-modern architecture as well.

No single piece of furniture was made as a mingling bowl of all the characteristics of the new furniture trend and type. But it, as a group, represented similarity in terms of reactionary thoughts against modernity. Much of the inspiration came from traditional forms. Figurative, not abstract, concepts became dominant in forms. Another striking feature of post-modern furniture design is the pieces were usually made of wood. Sometimes, those were painted and other times, left unpainted to keep their natural look intact.

The resemblance with Human & Animal Body Forms

Modern furniture sported an industrial look. In contrast to that form, post-modern furniture embodied the human body and different postures of animals. For example, the legs of the chairs and tables resembled those of a human or any animal. In other words, the trend of personification was evident in forms of post-modern furniture. That distinct form is still in vogue and loved by the homeowners and top interior designers in Delhi alike.

How It Can Change Your Interior?
Post-modern furniture is a blend of classic forms and wild imagination, which makes it unique. One piece of such furniture can dramatically change the appearance of your interior. Instead of cluttering your home with too many of them, invest in a single or two pieces to welcome some striking appeal. Use such post-modern furniture as the centerpiece in your living or dining room. It will create a lovely and luxurious vibe throughout your living space. Intelligent interior decoration with post-modern furniture is a catchy, classy, and clever way to feel like the elite.

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