Postmodern Interior of 2021

Postmodern Interior of 2021

If there is any one-liner to describe the postmodern interiors of 2021, we are going to witness more than a dozen of trends. All-white kitchens and wall decoration, the trends that rocked in the last few years, are not going out of favor but will surely continue evolving in 2021 and beyond that. Let us pay attention to what many an interior designer in Delhi has to say in this context.

Off-Trend Elements

The year 2021 starts a new era in interior designing by making off-trends ideas as on-trend styles. The world is going to see more usage of highly handcrafted elements, furnishings in unusual and sustainable materials, and more natural effects as these will create a dramatic look in one’s interior space.

The idea never involves having a one-of-a-kind glass bowl or a piece of unique furnishing. Most important it is to reflect individuality and that is why interior designers are now more in favor of creating space and setting space to tell a story that narrates and complements your personality.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability has become more important these days. With society adopting eco-friendly lifestyles, more people are now more knowledgeable and environmentally conscious than before. The mindset is best reflected in the earnest desire to add cozy elements to their space as well as overall design sensibility.

Timeless yet Evolving Looks

In recent years, many a residential interior designer in Delhi has been insisting on creating an individual style statement. Therefore, whether it is about purchasing furniture or renovating homes, consumers are more focused on long-term goals. It is another reason why more of them are gravitating towards embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle and that reflects through their purchase pattern.

People are now spending on fewer but high-quality items. That means that fast décor and furniture are most likely to be on their way out.

New Colour Palette

Bid adieu to neutral colors and go for the warm palettes. Jewel tones and saturated hues are going to dominate the postmodern trends in the upcoming years. In addition to walls, cabinetry and tiles will also function as canvases to play more with colors.

Everything Patterned

Layered patterns are now a favorite for textiles and tabletop designs. The fact that there are no hard and fast rules has become a new rule on this front. Patterned matching from wall to bedding is also becoming a love-to-live-with trend for many homeowners.

An experienced interior designer in Delhi NCR, Interia always stays abreast of time and trends to make most of the postmodern ideas for your home decoration.

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