Residential Interior Designing vs. Commercial Interior Designing

Residential Interior Designing vs. Commercial Interior Designing

With the development of the art and science of enhancing the interior look of various buildings, a number of interior designing methods have come up in recent years. You do not need to worry about decorating your house anymore because professionals have come up with unique techniques to perfectly design your house in no time. Interior designing is broadly done in two main sectors- residential and commercial. While there are a host of similarities between the two, interior designing also differs in these two areas in a number of ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Overview: One of the most important differences between residential and commercial interior designing is their range of work. Residential interior designing deals with the planning and decoration of home spaces like houses, apartments, or condominiums. Residential interior designers in Delhi mainly focus on home decor and the texture of rooms in a private space. On the other hand, commercial interior designing includes business or commercial areas that need designing. This could include a wide range of areas like schools, offices, hospitals, clubs, malls, industries, and banks. Hence, commercial interior designing covers a larger scope in an overall sense of the term.
  • Target Audience: Another important feature that makes them different is the viewers they target and receive. Commercial platforms need the best designs to attract clients from all sources. The designs should reflect the nature of their business and the motto they aim to achieve. For instance, a hospital will have very different interior designs from a school; a marketing office will be very different to look at when compared to a mall or shopping center. On the other hand, residential areas need interior designing just to make the house or rooms attractive to look at. Residential interior designers in Delhi give a lot of importance to client’s needs, and they make sure that the residence is attractive for spectators of all kinds.
  • Distinct Areas of Supervision: The two differ on the sub-divisional points that need to be considered while interior designing. Residential interior design includes kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, while the commercial space has retail, corporate, reception, official, and many more such sub-areas, which need proper designing. This makes their demand for interior designs also quite different from each other. Residential rooms need a homely ambiance, while commercial spaces require to meet the targeted audience and their requirements on a daily basis.
  • Requirements of Interior Designing: They also differ in the types of designing they require for various areas. Residential interior designers in Delhi focus more on client's needs and then go on to create unique personalized designs for their residences. The clients need something worth making they are living a homely experience altogether. On the other hand, commercial spaces have more technical requirements when it comes to interior designing. They need to attract clients by portraying their aims and achievements, and this should get reflected in their interior designs as well. Moreover, commercial spaces require a whole lot of other needs like an elevator, parking areas, restrooms, and air conditioning systems. This makes them choose a style of interior design that is very different from residential interior designing.

Thus, we can see that residential interior designing and commercial interior designing are two different concepts altogether. Though the aim in both is to meet the client's requirements, yet these requirements are different as per needs and quality. Both the sectors are flourishing these days rapidly, as more and more residential and commercial spaces are getting expanded.

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