Sleek and Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Sleek and Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Any contemporary idea of interior decoration is based on minimalistic approach. Doing away with frills and fanciness of extravagant classical decoration, modern living room is more about creating a cool sense of comfort and style.

Here are some excellent contemporary and sleek living room decoration ideas from the celebrity residential interior designers in Gurgaon.

Clear Lines in Furniture Designs
Clear lines and no-frill looks rule the design of the contemporary furniture pieces. The contemporary living room furniture is as homely and comfortable as it could. Invest on a simple yet stylish sofa while keeping in mind that it scores high on the ground of comfort and coziness. Match the sofa with some ‘touch me’ textures, as it will create a modern vibe in the living room.

Add a cool edge by buying a modern leather sofa or ‘look at me’ armchair. Alternatively, you can place a cluster of contemporary chairs as a substitute for sofa. The idea is all about, thinking out of the box.

Simple furniture in combination with clean-lined sophisticated accessories builds up an open and airy space. At the same time, the combination puts an end to sterile feel. The best part of chick and sleek living room decoration is that any idea will work well if it is aligned with minimalism and modernity. That means, you have freedom to toy with furniture shapes and combine the clear lines with curvy delights.

Furniture with Different Uses
The contemporary concept of living room decoration aims at optimizing both fashion statements and functional purposes of furniture. Invest on a beautiful sofa that can double up as a bed for your guests.

Furniture Placement
Corner sofas are becoming integral to modern living room. The idea frees up a lot of floor space and makes room for secret storage.

Statement Piece
Decoration of living room is not complete without a statement piece. You can pick up a vintage showpiece, antique furniture or any unusual piece to make a statement that nicely expresses your persona and taste. For example, if you have a neutral color palette, go for a brass-made side table as a statement item.

Play with Colors
Right colors can dramatically change the appearance and ambience of your living room. For a small living room, white color can do wonder by making it look bigger. See-through furnishings also create some space illusion. Both ideas go well with the modern aesthetics of living room decoration.

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