Give a Touch of Sophistication to Your Interiors

Give a Touch of Sophistication to Your Interiors

A sophisticated home is many homeowners’ dream. Unfortunately, many of us live with the wrong notion that home renovation requires a fortune, and lending a touch of sophistication is beyond the reach of middle-class families. However, lend your ear to what any experienced and sophisticated interior designer in Gurgaon says and suggests in this context. “Adding sophistication does not always cost you an arm and a leg; what it requires is right execution of uniquely creative ideas”. They always say it clear and loud.

A few simple tricks can convert your interior into an elegant piece of beauty. By changing and adding a few things, you can lend a classy look and feel to your living space. How to do that? The blog shares some useful tips with you.

  • A piece of art very close to your heart is the signature of any sophisticated interior. And believe the experts – artworks are not expensive always.
  • A decorated mirror gives clues to your fascination with sophisticated elements that can transform your living zone into a visual delight for your guests.
  • Do you own an antique piece? These antique elements are high in demand these days. According to many a reputed interior designer in Gurgaon, even a single antique piece can add an oomph factor to your home.
  • Books are our best friends. They never get tired of offering and demand nothing in return. Plenty of interesting books on the shelf also reflect your love for good things. Read them whenever you find the time and if you don’t love reading, put them for display.
  • Choose a sophisticated color to paint your wall. Neutrals are dominating the palette.
  • Wall art is very much an ‘in’ thing these days. You can use wallpapers or a cluster of ceramic plates to make your wall stand out. It will sweep your interior with a wave of sophistication.
  • Rearrange furniture and other objects - occasional changes often make big differences without you having to spend anything at all.
  • Lighting plays an important role to create a sense of sophistication in your home. Make sure you are using the right and bright light as a part of your interior decoration project.
  • Throw some colorful and textured pillows on your sofas and chairs; you cannot believe how much change they can add to your interior.
  • Many residential interior designers use beautiful door hardware as they know such changes give a fresh and sophisticated touch to your living space.

Now you see how easy it is to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Try these and see the results.

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