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10 Easy Hacks to Manage Space

10 Easy Hacks to Manage Space

Contrary to what many say, it is easy to De-clutter a space without spending a heavy sum. You can keep your home in order and make it stylish at the same time with some incredibly useful hacks. Think out of box to manage your space in an intelligent way. Here are 10 easy, amazing and modern hacks suggested by the home interior decorators in Gurgaon to keep your living space tidy.

  • Shower Rings: Have you ever thought that shower rings could have alternative use? You just need a hanger and a pack of shower rings. Attach the rings to the hanger and drop your tank tops onto those rings so that they don’t slip away any more in your wardrobe. These shower rings are also useful for hanging ties, belts, scarves, hats and even your necklaces.
  • Vintage Rake: Instead of spending on an expensive jewellery organizer, use an antique rack for the same purpose. Hang your jewellery pieces onto the rake to avoid tangles and knots. You can also use such a rake to hang cooking utensils, paint brushes and even garden tools.
  • Tin Cans: Recycle a used tin can to convert it into a pen holder. Pens and pencils clutter the desktop table like nothing else. Keeping them in an organized will help you easily access whatever you need and De-clutter your desk as well. You can wrap the tin cans with printed papers and use them for organizing screws, toothbrushes and small accessories.
  • Grocery Bags: Reusable grocery bags could be an amazing hack for organizing your files and folders. If you have extra grocery bags, use those to contain your files and magazines and hang them inside the cabinet door.
  • Shoe Organizers: No need to go for pricey wood-made shoe organizers as you can easily do with a cheap hanging over-the-door organizer. That will keep your shoes organized and easily accessible without forcing you to spend a tidy sum.
  • Wine Rack: A wine rack may have other uses. Reinvent it to hang folded towels. This rack is a perfect fit to lend a contemporary touch to any small bathroom.
  • Cabinet Doors: Make a good use of the empty space behind your kitchen cabinet doors. Install sticky hooks to hang measuring spoons. You can also attach hanging racks to organize your grocery items and even plates and cups.
  • Use Narrow Spaces: If you have any free space, use it for sliding cabinets. However narrow the space is, this slim sliding storage is simply wonderful to hold bottles, cans and even other essentials.
  • Storage Magnets: Some people have a bad habit of sticking bills to the outside space of their refrigerators. Use strong magnetic storage shelves to hold paper towels, paper bills and other miscellaneous items.