Embellishments for Brightening Up the Home

Embellishments for Brightening Up the Home

If you own a sophisticated and stylish home, congratulations are in order. According to top interior designers in Gurgaon, the best homes and apartments are the ones that are bright and energized. Here are a few tips from the best interior designers in Delhi for embellishing your home with brightness and light.

Using light colored furniture
Furniture plays an important part in snazzy and hip contemporary and modern homes. And contrary to public opinion, it makes the home looked lived in. Choose white furniture over dark ones if you want to brighten up your home space. They are a good and stark contrast to dark floors. Even an off white stylish rug at the right place can do wonders for livening up your home.

Tall items away from windows
You have to ensure the maximum play of light happens. In order to do that, make sure that there are no large plants, bookshelves or other furniture pieces blocking the natural light through your stylish windows. Make sure that the room in question receives the most amount of natural light.

The curtains you use, according to luxury interior designers in India, can do a lot to set the mood for fun and games. If you had dark colored curtains they would have made the apartment rooms look dark and dank. Replacing them with sheer white curtains is the right step and one much appreciated later on.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors of the right shape and size work wonders into opening up space and they also add another dimension to your apartment. If placed across and opposite light sources like windows or trendy lamps, they will reflect the light and make the room appear a whole lot brighter.

Painting and lights
If your room has a dark color as the predominant color, it is natural for the interiors to look dark. Paint has an amazing quality of transforming the living spaces. You can try white paint or even light grey to welcome eye relief. Coming to lights, some lamps might give off a yellow tint. If so, switch them for something newer like bright and white LED lamps for a brighter glow on your show. A suitably arranged table lamp will also do the job in tricky corners.

Doing the above, in addition to introducing plants as signature pieces of decoration is going to up the cool level by quite a few shades. Do not be surprised if you get a lot of compliments flowing your way after these changes. You know whom to thank!

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