How to Create the Ultimate Luxury Interiors?

How to Create the Ultimate Luxury Interiors?

Living in a luxury apartment is everyone’s dream but it comes true for only a few. Even if you are not a well-to-do person, it is possible to convert an ordinary décor into a luxury delight. You just need to follow some simple tips to create the ultimate luxury interiors. The best interior designers in Gurgaon are brimming with some wonderful ideas to guide you towards making your home a luxury and lovely nest. Let us pay a heed to some sage advices from them.

Use Pattern, Layers & Bold Colors
The top designers are using pattern, layers and bold colors to create contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet sophisticated interiors. According to them, these simple design tools create magic to lend a unique aesthetic style to the living space.

Using wallpapers is a rage these days. Choose bold and beautiful pattern to match or contrast with the wall colors.  A good selection can bring a quick change in the entire room and lend it a luxury feel.

Layering is very important. It can be used everywhere from walls to ceilings, windows to rugs, furniture to soft furnishings and many more. It can make your room warm, inviting and luxurious.

When using furniture, it is important to pay attention to both form and function. A bench with legs adds some special charm to a living space. The furniture having exposed legs make a small room look spacious. Wood paneling adds detailing. The concept is most effective if you want to highlight the lines or contrast with the same. Installing a black or white marble on the bench top will make a luxe statement.

Buy a Key Piece
If you are tight on budget, invest on a single key piece that is elegant and expensive. For example, a beautiful rug, a quality sofa or a display unit with open shelves is a good way to introduce luxury to your home. A durable piece will be with you for years after the purchase.

Invest on Beautiful Accessories
Accessories add some small yet smart touches of luxury to your living area. Design apart, the materials have the luxe factor. For example, a metallic sculpture, a ceramic vase, marble candle holder etc are some good examples of elegant accessories to create a luxury ambience in your interior. For some celebrity designers, an artwork is the ultimate luxury element and a treasured trove as well.

These are few practical tips you can apply to welcome sophistication and luxury to your home.

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