5 Things to keep a note of as a new generation Interior Designer

5 Things to keep a note of as a new generation Interior Designer

Creating a personal space that reflects the owner’s personality is not an easy task to execute. The home buyers put a lot of trust in the interior designers and the designers always have to work under that pressure. Developing an attractive interior that will meet the aesthetic taste of the owners is more challenging than it sounds. The task becomes even harder if you are someone new to the designing industry and trying to excel in the field. Therefore, designing and remodeling a house can be overwhelming sometimes. Here are 5 tips that a new-gen interior designer should keep in mind while tackling interior projects.

  1. Know the Budget: Even before start working on a project, you need to get hold of the budget of your client. From designs to furniture to paint, everything is determined by the budget. Only after estimating the budget, you will be able to continue designing accordingly. You can take the help of architects or research online to help you with your decision. You can also guide your clients throughout the process by providing them with pictures of designs, furniture, wall colors, and other sample projects so that they can make an informed decision.
  2. Pay Attention to Architecture: While remodeling a house, you should always keep the architecture of the house in mind. If a design is not matching the architecture of the house, it cannot be the optimal one. Even the choice of furniture in a house must be guided by its architecture. A house with gothic architecture will not look good with some new-age furniture. Right? If you are working on a new house, you can assist the architecture while designing the house. It will help you while designing the interior.
  3. Leave Some Free Space: Open or free spaces can also be attractive. Leaving some open spaces while designing a house may give the luxurious look your client demands. So, while designing a house, your goal should not be to load all the free spaces with decorative items of furniture. Overloading a house can make your client feel stuffy and congested. Remember minimalism is the new cool.
  4. Create a Family-friendly Space: Designing a house for a family must involve some carefulness. You should take all the designing decisions keeping in mind that you are designing for a family. So, you should allocate some space where the children can have fun or the entire family can spend some quality time. If you are involved with the process from the very initial phase of homebuilding, you may suggest building a playground where the children of the house can play safely.
  5. Mix High and Low Price Items: High-priced does not necessarily mean better and luxurious. You can use the most humble objects to create an attractive space. Consider using decorative items from unknown artists to give your house a unique look. Mixing the low and high price items will not only make the entire project more cost-effective but also give it an exotic look.

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