Popular Interior Design Styles Demystified!

Popular Interior Design Styles Demystified!

When you seek a professional for interior designing of your house you come across designing styles such as modern, contemporary, industrial, chic and the list goes on. According to home interiors in India, most of the clients are unable to decipher these designing styles and end up being confused about which style will work the best for them.

Here we have demystified some popular interior design styles for you to understand and decide which one is yours!

Modern Designing!
When we talk about modern designing it means a design which radiates simplicity in every aspect. Whether it is furniture, color palette or any other aspect of the home, everything will be simple, sleek and minimalist. According to home interior designers in Delhi usage of crisp lines and materials like glass and steel is quite evident in modern designing.

Contemporary Designing!
Many times modern and contemporary are the two words used interchangeably with each other. According to top interior decorators in Delhi, the basic difference between the two is that in modern designing some rules are strictly adhered to whereas contemporary designing is more fluid and do not stick to particular style. For example, curved lines can be used in contemporary designing but not in modern designing.

Minimalist designing!
Minimalist is a kind of designing which takes inspiration from modern designing only to simplify it to a greater extent. Best interior designers in Delhi tell that in minimalist designing lines used are ultra-clear and nothing done in minimalist designing is loud or flamboyant. Color palate used is neutral and furniture is simply streamlined but with high functionality.

Industrial designing!
As the name suggests industrial designing is inspired by interior or an urban warehouse or loft. According to experts at an interior company in India, exposed bricks, woods or duct work is a common view in such designing scheme. The color scheme is mostly based on primary material such as wood and metal. At times some photo frames are placed to give a splash of color in between.

Mid Century modern!
According to best interior decorators in Delhi, mid-century modern has an element of retro nostalgia which takes you right to the era in nighties. Use of organic yet simple shapes such as an egg-shaped chair, simple fabrications, and contemporary designing are some of the attributes of this designing. Like modern designing, it is fuss-free, clutter-free and seamlessly transits from interior to exterior.

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