Some Hallmarks of Modern Interior Design

Some Hallmarks of Modern Interior Design

When we describe the interior design, we use the term “modern design” a lot. However, we need to ensure that we are using the term in the correct manner. In this article, the top interior decorators in Delhi list out the various facets of sophisticated modern interior design.

Simple And Minimalistic
Taking the best features of German and Scandinavian design into account, the best interior designer in Delhi points out that modern interior design should at its core be simple and comparatively unadorned. This style harps on being functional and form always follow function in this case.

Materials From Nature and Earthy Tones
The best interior designers in Delhi recommend that modern interior home designs should incorporate natural materials and also an earthy tone that is warm in nature. This can mean unpainted wood, use of leather and metals along with monochromatic colors that can bring to life the sophistication of the surroundings.

Clean Lines And De-cluttered Space
When going modern in design, the focus is on maintaining clean horizontal and vertical lines along with less of the curves. The focus on uncluttered space means that you have a lot of more room to play around with and this is going to be a sure winner for sure.

Focus On Natural Light, Bare Windows
In homes that have the modern style, natural light plays a big factor and focus is given to the inclusion of lots of windows, it is also important to keep the windows unadorned to keep with the stylish interiors.

Functional Furniture
In Modern styled homes, the furniture at hand is reminiscent of function and simplicity. The furnishings are low and horizontal and the material used is natural; unpainted wood, steel, leather, chrome, and glass. The surfaces are as smooth as silk and there is a focus on keeping them void of ornamentation.

The Color Palate is Monochrome
When designing chic and trendy modern styled homes, the color palate is predominantly monochrome. The main colors used are the good old black and white with some primary colors thrown into the mix for enhanced effect. Sometimes black and brown are also used to give the feeling of warmth and coziness.

Designing a modern style apartment is not an easy matter. A lot of thought and considerations are necessary and it is left to the interior designer to make sure that the home or apartment has the modern vibe around it. This is why luxury interior designers in Delhi are in such high demand.

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