The Defining Role of Color in Interior Designing

The Defining Role of Color in Interior Designing

Color has a very important role in the designing of living space. It has a direct effect on the mood of the occupants and hence should be used wisely. Top interior designers in Gurgaon shares a few color tips with us to be kept in mind.

What is the color?
In scientific terms, color is the way our eyes perceive different wavelengths of light that bounce off objects. Keeping the rainbow colors VIBGYOR aside, black is the absence of all color and white is the presence of all color. Every other shade falls in between these two. The basis of color is the combinations of red, yellow and blue colors. This is important to know when designing high end contemporary and modern homes.

Color in interior design
When you are trying to send out a message through your interior designing style there is no better companion than color. The best residential interior designers in Gurgaon sees how color can be successfully incorporated into the design of stylish and high-end homes. Keeping in mind that color affects the mood, it is important to choose colors wisely.

Color for the floors and walls
First things first, luxury interior designers in Gurgaon determine in consultation with the client as to what the colors of the floors and the walls will be. The objective of the space has to be utmost in the mind to deliver an effective color that will suit the room. Exciting as well as cheering color tones can be selected for a space that is going to be creative in nature and purpose.

Colors for the living room
The living room is the cynosure for all eyes when they enter the apartment. For best results, modern living rooms can be done up in hot pink and turquoise, crimson and sage, vibrant blue and yellow, periwinkle and fuschia, and even bubble gum and black. Care is to be taken that they complement the other color schemes of the apartment rooms.

Residential interior decorators Gurgaon insist that the use of color in a modern home should require talent, creativity and sound judgment. Just as a professional architect will not start on the design of the building without plans, interior designers also stick to the plans of the house to ensure that they get the color combination right. A sound understanding of the psychology of color ensures that the correct and desired look and feel are achieved.

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