Contrast between traditional and modern interior design!

Contrast between traditional and modern interior design!

When we start studying interior designing we come across two main features of design i.e. is traditional and modern. Traditional design is everything which modern is not and vice versa is also true. According to a renowned residential interior designer in Gurgaon, traditional designing has its entire focus on classy look and comfort of the place, on the contrary modern interior designers believe in mixing form with function in order to enhance the utility of the space by many folds.

Traditional interior designing!
When we talk about traditional interior designing we are basically talking about a room which is designed with rich and classy taste. Whether it is the furniture, flooring, tapestry, drapes or any other accessory used in the room, everything has an awe of luxury and comfort in it. So people who believe in traditional interior designing basically have royal designing preference over modern designing which is all the more comfortable and convenient.

Tapestries used in traditional designing is not only muted and understated but it is heavily dominated by floral designs. On the windows too you will find heavy drapes of satin or similar soft and shiny material.

According to a renowned interior design company in Gurgaon, traditional design has conservative approach and in such homes you will usually find a separate dining room with a long wooden dining table, side table for keeping glassware, chinaware and silver ware and furniture of the entire house will have smooth and curved finish.

Modern interior design!
As said above, modern interior design is everything which traditional interior design is not. According to a top interior designer in Delhi, modern designing took its birth in Japan and Germany during the World War 1 where optimum utilization of space and available resource became a necessity. Modern designers believed in combination of form and function to create a stylish yet uncluttered look. They did not view space as emptiness on the contrary they believed in designing a room with minimum furniture and maximum utility. Furniture, drapes, walls, ceilings and all other accessories used in modern designing have dominance of straight and clear lines unlike curved lines used in traditional designing.

Modern designing is an apt form of designing in big cities where there are small houses and everything has to be incorporated and adjusted in that small space. Modern designing successfully combines various forms to create something compact and highly function.

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