Create an Unapologetically Playful Room

Create an Unapologetically Playful Room

Creating a playful interior may sound like a big challenge if you have no idea how to do it. A playful interior means a unique and stylish ambiance that does not compromise comfort. Even if you have a dull living space, it is fairly easy to welcome playfulness into it by introducing bright wallpapers, paints, furniture, and furnishing accessories. There are many more smart and solid ideas from the home interior decorators in Delhi and we’re all ears!

Make It Inviting & Inspiring
One of the basic characteristics of a playful interior is it feels interesting, inspiring, and inviting. It encourages the children to explore and inquire through their engagement with the space. And why only children, such an interior also inspires adults to be more creative and productive. Create a separate space where they can hang out with their friends and play freely. Join them occasionally to allow the child in you to enjoy pure fun.

Store Creative Toys & Other Materials
Not all toys are made for just playing; some have other purposes as well. Those unique toys inspire the children to explore new ideas and express their thoughts. Store such toys and other accessories such as pencils, paints, scissors, and glues that will help your children color their thoughts in a unique way. Ensure variety in your selection of toys so that the children don’t get bored with only one type.

Buy Children’s Books
You should inculcate the habit of reading in your children from a young age. A wider range of children’s books (both fiction and non-fiction) is easily available at the bookstore. Build up a children’s library at your home by buying those books and keeping those on a shelf easily accessible to your children. And yes, you can also read those books in your free time; those are very interesting!

Include Natural Elements
Natural elements can do the magic to make you're interior look vibrant and playful. Some simple items such as tee blocks, stones, pine cones, etc. create a colourful and contemporary interior vibe loved by both children and their parents.

Build up Homeliness
A home without homeliness is as boring as it could be. A sense of comfort and coziness must prevail throughout the interior space. Include some family items that provoke sentiments and invest in beautiful showpieces. Install photo frames, plants, and beautiful artworks in the right places. The sentimental family items are treasured troves and by using those as interior decoration elements, you can teach your children to respect others’ feelings and belongings.

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