3. Is it true that a designer’s influence leads to an increase in the project cost?

No, this is only myth that has been doing rounds for too long. The fact is, designer always helps you get the best stuff at the best price. If you look into a situation where you feel caught up without any help and you are wandering helplessly not understanding as to which might just […]

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2. If I have the time, money and the taste, why do I need an interior designer?

This is quite an interested question but there is a lot more in getting a space designed. Firstly, designers always know the best places for any sort of material or item you might be looking for. Time and money may not be a constraint for you but why get your mind boggled with bargaining […]

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1. What is the difference between a Interior Decorator and an Interior Designers ?

A lot many times people seem to take both the terms for similar meanings but there are few points that differentiate them. Firstly, a decorator is generally associated with only mixing and matching the available furniture and texture.

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