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Interia’s design process is all inclusive.Interia – the interior designer takes its clients to be strong partners in creating excellent interior designs. Interia recognizes and appreciates unique home decor tastes, likes and dislikes of their clients and therefore before an interior design project appears on the drawing board, Interia professionals carry out intensive interactions with the clients to understand finer nuances of their lives which may directly or indirectly impact the interior designs. Once the needs and aspirations of our clients are finely mapped, we get down to creating interior design space that would result in an unique experience.

Our interior design process carries on till the team has a sense of WOW! Often our interior design team takes inputs from the materials and execution teams to ensure viability of all our interior designs in progress. Our designs are rendered into 3D to offer near real life experience to the client. Our design environment is constantly evolving and our expert interior design team keeps in regular touch with the International interior design trends and interior designers.