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Five Tips for Interior Designing of DLF Camellias, Gurgaon

DLF Camellias is one of the finest residences of the country. It can be called the epitome of luxury as it is actually a personification of a lavish and affluent life. A home in DLF Camellias is something extremely stately and posh and is a prized possession for the owner.

It is a land of serenity and the entry to the golf drive is a princely experience in itself. It has lake facing ultra luxurious apartments and penthouses that are designed to completely exceed all the expectations.

Such a majestic home should definitely have an interior that can match its stature. The interiors must be unmatched and must be a statement of splendor.

We would discuss five things that should be kept in mind while designing the interiors of such an ostentatious place.

  • The grandeur of the Camellias can be paralleled only by some pure classic décor. So, you should travel far back in time and settle for nothing less than the influences of Roman or Greek culture. At Interia, we are bound to rekindle that classical luxurious theme in the interior designs and create a mesmerizing look. Camellias has sprawling living spaces that are ideal for such beautiful classical décor which is otherwise not feasible in a normal apartment because of want of space.
  • The huge walls of the living room and the bedrooms should be decked up with perfection. At Interia, we believe in inching step by step towards our goal. We should begin with assessing the available empty spaces. A rough design must be chalked out before the final execution. The grand wall of the living room must be decorated with a splendid life- sized painting but a perfect sense of balance must be kept in mind. For example, to accentuate the aura of the beautiful painting, some space must be left on both the sides.
  • The next step is the furniture. For an ultra luxurious residence like The Camellias, the furniture must be custom- made. No kind of ready- made furniture can do justice to the magnificence of this place. We, at Interia do elegant and intricately designed furniture that suits your lifestyle. The ideal furniture for the vast interior spaces in the Camellias may include living room sofas, armchairs, foyer furniture and cabinets. These will add up to the charm and beauty of your beautiful home.
  • An amazing interior is much more than just the furniture. A vast array of other elements like fabric, color, texture, accessories and furnishing need to be taken care of. The curtains and drapes need to be exquisite and must be tailor made to match the luxury of the place. For this, we recommend using gorgeous, rich and opulent materials such as pure cotton, canvas and velvet. Moreover, one should stick to wood, marble or granite for the other materials required in a home.
  • To maintain the essence of elegance, we, at Interia, strive to make the rooms look fuller. For this look, throw pillows can be placed on the sofa in abundance or a beautiful rich Persian carpet can be placed on the floor. A dazzling and resplendent crystal chandelier can also be hanged right in the centre of the room. Huge decorative mirrors, paintings and sculptures can also be kept to make the décor classier.

You can follow these simple tips to embellish your beautiful home and make it look even more majestic.