DLF The Crest Luxury Interior Designs In Gurgaon by Interia

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Exotic and Contemporary Designing at ‘The DLF Crest’ by Interia

DLF Crest, unlike any other residential zone in Gurgaon, is unconventional yet elegant in its own unique way. The Crest boasts of marvellous apartments and is fully equipped with best in class amenities and facilities that make it an ideal destination for homeowners from all walks of life.

In fact, if you yearn for a spacious, modern, serene and beautiful apartment, then DLF Crest is perfect for you. All the accommodations at The Crest are meant for people who have a penchant for superior lifestyle and comfort-filled living. In essence, the Crest personifies beauty, extraordinary taste and contemporary lifestyle. So, when one of our noble clients approached us for their interior designing in Gurgaon, we took it upon us to deliver innovative thinking and professional interior designing services.

Comprehensive suite of Interior Designing Services

At Interia, we have been offering a comprehensive suite of interior designing & decoration services for residential property owners. Instead of relying on the mundane designing & decoration ideas, our team of professional and efficient best interior designers in Gurgaon dig deeper into client’s needs to offer exemplary interior designs. Our innovative designing methodology and latest techniques help property owners to accomplish their home designing goals with minimal efforts. With emphasis on quality, great styling, comfort and extravagance of the décor, our interior designing ideas are created to leave the onlookers mesmerized.

Exotic and Comfortable Bedrooms

A bedroom is the best place to relax and unwind! All the bedrooms at the Crest, particularly the master bedroom, are spacious and exotically designed. Decorating these bedrooms is no ordinary task and requires a huge amount of planning and understanding of the space. This is where the property owners at The Crest require expert advice and suggestions. For our client, we designed spacious storage units, walk-in closets as well as custom furniture for our esteemed client to provide them with their own favourite space. We designed a highly sophisticated, comfortable, stylish and cozy bedroom featuring romantic lights, multi-functional table, bedside table and modular wardrobes to delight our client.

Splendid and Magnificent Bathrooms

Another area where our client needed our help was their bathroom interior designing. They wanted a touch of splendour and magnificence in their bathrooms. We resolved to custom design their bathrooms by providing turning it into a visually striking and luxurious space. Our experts added bathroom vanities, shower cubicles, customized bathtub and impressive lighting fixtures to provide them with bathroom spaces that were both functional and attractive at the same time.

Creative Ideas, Contemporary Looks

Our attention to detail coupled with the ability to reimagine spaces have enabled us to recreate contemporary abodes for everyone. Our interior designing specialists in Gurgaon left no stone unturned in using their creative expertise and ideas to design the client’s property in a manner that was truly distinct and remarkable in every sense. We decided to feature a whole lot of accessories in the form of artwork, showpieces, chandelier, hanging lamps, cabinetry, vases, and more, which eventually helped them in accentuating their home and achieving the look that they craved for.

In case you’re planning to invest in a property at The Crest and if you long for spellbinding and extraordinary interior designing in Gurgaon then Interia is definitely the right place to begin.