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How to Hire Best Interior Designers for my Interior Work ?

Hiring the best interior designers is not an easy task as most of the interior designers claim themselves to be the best interior designers. It is advisable to have a look at their past interior design projects and interior design clients. A look at their past work will give you a fair understanding about their quality of interior design work done so far. It is highly recommended to get in touch with the interior designers to discuss about your interior project in detail.

Email, phone or a physical visit is highly recommended. Evaluate their analysis and cost about your interiors before making a final commitment. Try to analyse and understand their interior design philosophy as it will help you understand the level of their creativity and innovation in executing interior design projects.

Can we fix Interior Design Cost in beginning of the Project ?

Upto a certain extent, Yes. We can definitely fix the interior design cost right in the beginning of the interior design project. An approximate price can always be calculated if the client states his/her demand and ideas with a high level of clarity in thoughts as well as expectations. Although, before beginning any interior design project, an absolute idea of the cost to be rendered will be given after the confirmation of the facilities and resources available and desired. We at Interia also help to develop an interior design plan according to your fixed budget.

How Initial Consultations are done by Interior Designers ?

Initial consultations by our team of interior designers is smooth and done in a friendly environment. The interior designing fee at Interia is mostly taken as discussed in the beginning rather than working up on percentage basis. The withholding fee for the proposed interior work is generally adjusted in the final payment to be done at the finish of interior projects.

Our interior designers team does some initial meetings with the clients in order to know each others perspective in the best possible manner. We at Interia take utmost care to understand our customers’ interior requirement in full so that the finished interior project delivers full customer satisfaction and both the parties are in a win-win situation.

How Interior Designers help Procure Interior Materials ?

Procurement of interior materials is done by the interior designers. We at Interia have developed enough interior design resources, links and contacts. We have our own systematic procurement system which saves time and money of our customers. Whether you need interior materials from the local market or from the International market, we arrange it all at the least possible cost and time. Once our interior designers team is in, we take the entire responsibility of your interior project.

How long does it takes to finish Interior Design Projects ?

Total time span to finish interior design projects entirely depends on your site space as well as many other related factors. The final completion of your interior design project is also dependent on taking timely decisions related to the choice of color, texture, material and any other resource employed to get your interiors done. Time to finish an interior design project is also influenced by the kind of interior design projects, whether it is for renovation of the entire premises, partial renovation or interiors for a newly constructed area.

When to start Interior work at site after hiring Interior Designer ?

At Interia, an Interior Design project starts as early as phone rings up. It is good to pick up things right at the beginning rather than to delay the interior work at site, as it may add up to the cost, just to keep your interior design budget under control. A delay in assigning the interior designer on site will result in burning your pocket unnecessarily. Ask your interior designer to start up with the paper work and planning at the earliest so that the actual execution of the interior work can be done as early as possible.

When to Consult Interior Designers for Your Interior Project?

Interior designers should be consulted as early as possible for your interior project. It is best to consult interior designers when you begin the construction work as it would be very important to get a professional interior designer’s advice on location of walls and windows respectively. Although, if you are interested in hiring an interior decorator then whenever you get bored with your obsolete interior design or at the time of premises renovation, it would be the right time to consult an interior decorator.

Does Project Cost Increases by Hiring an Interior Designer ?

Straight answer is No. It is one of the biggest myths that has been doing rounds from too long in the mindset of clients. Real fact is that hiring an interior designer always helps you get the best interior design material at the best price. If you look into a situation where you feel caught up without any help and you are wandering helplessly not understanding as to who is offering you the best or the worst in disguise of good, then you would actually know the benefits attached with hiring an interior designer. Hiring an interior designer brings lot of advantages including huge saving from wastage of time, money and energy. The overall cost benefit analysis always tends to favour the interior design benefits against the costs incurred.

Why to Hire Interior Designers when you have time, money and taste ?

This is quite an interesting question about the need to hire interior designers. Hiring an interior designer is quite beneficial with respect to your space design. Firstly, interior designers always know the best places for any sort of interior design material or interior designing items you might be looking for.

Time and money may not be a constraint for you, but why get your mind boggled with bargaining and selecting the best interior design showroom to meet your interior requirements when a helping hand is readily available. Along with it, there are a lot of technicalities involved with interior designing which is probably best known to the best interior designers only.

What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer ?

A lot many times people seem to consider interior decorator as well as the interior designer to be the same terms with similar meanings but there are few points which differentiates between the two. Firstly, an interior decorator is generally associated with only mixing and matching the available furniture and texture, whereas an interior designer is focuses on assisting the architects and stays in touch with the clients right from the beginning of the construction till the end.

An interior designer decides about the laying of the wall from some particular point. An interior decorator will mostly look into the mixing and matching of colors and the position of furniture, lighting, fabric usage, etc. Do keep in mind that an interior decorator does not look on the layout or the design of your space. So before hiring, always take heed to your interior design requirements.


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