1. What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?

A lot many times people seem to take both the terms for similar meanings but there are significant differences between the two. Firstly, a decorator is generally associated with only mixing and matching the available furniture and texture, whereas a designer is one who focuses on creating spaces, look and feel that transcends clients’ imagination. Interior decorators are typically don’t have any professional degree in Interior design or Architecture and have come up by doing various odd jobs. Often times they may have expertise in one or more particular areas but it is not right to expect a professional, all- inclusive approach from them. On the other hand, an Interior Designer or an Architect is professionally qualified and trained in all aspects of design and execution. An Interior Designer or an Architect can create seamless holistic themes that can transform any space.

2. If I hire an Interior Designer, how do I go about executing the project?

There are 2 ways one can go about it.

Option1: You can hire a designer and appoint single or multiple contractors to execute the project. Drawback in this case is of multiple parties involved and none taking full responsibility, the gaps multiply and it becomes very difficult to pinpoint problems and figure solutions becoz everyone would tend to think that the blame lies with someone else.

Option 2: You could hire an agency that will do a turnkey job. In this case you have the comfort of dealing just one person. A competent agency will have enough experience to foresee and resolve any conflicts amongst vendors and ensure smooth progress of the project.

3. If I have the time, money and the taste, why do I need an interior designer?

This is quite an interested question but there is a lot more in getting a space designed. Firstly, designers always know the best places for any sort of material or item you might be looking for. Time and money may not be a constraint for you but why get your mind bogged with bargaining and selecting the best showroom for your requirements when there is always help at hand. Plus, there are a lot of technicalities that are involved in designing any space which probably are best known to designers. With an Interior Designer, you can be assured that all aspects are taken care of and there are no surprises.

4. Is it true that hiring a designer leads to an increase in the project cost?

No, this is only a myth that has been doing rounds for too long. The fact is, designers always help you get the best stuff at the best price. Helping you source is just one of the benefits, which incidentally helps you recover designer’s fee, but larger benefits are in terms of design becoz a designer by virtue of his/her training and experience can ensure that all requirements are being met and planned for in advance so that there are no surprises at the end. A designer can also help add to the aesthetics as they would tend to look at the spaces more holistically rather than just focusing on one or two elements.

5. When should a designer be asked into a project?

A designer should be consulted as early as possible, may be around the time when you begin the construction work as it would be very important to get a professional advice on location of walls and windows respectively. Advantage of hiring a designer early is that you can start getting a better fix on the end product and move towards it. Beginning with the end saves a lot of costly mistakes that happen along the way in terms of change of design etc.

6. How early can we start work-at-site from the day of commissioning the designer?

There is always temptation to start the work soon you hire a designer and even before full plan has been developed. While it may seem that one will save valuable time, in reality it is not so. Starting work before a detailed plan has been developed is a waste of both time and resources. With full planning, one can easily control time and cost of executing a project.

7. How long will it take for the project to complete?

Typically, any residential interior project may take between 2 to 4 months of execution time after a detailed plan has been finalized. And a commercial project may take 1.5 to 3 months. Delays can happen if there are changes in design midway or change in specs. Therefore, it is better to take extra time in finalizing details than be in a hurry to start execution.

8. How can the designer help me in procurement of the materials?

Designer has enough experience and expertise to help you in procurement of materials at reasonable prices. Interia has a procurement team that works closely with the designers to help cost-effective procurement of any material.

9. How can I engage Interia for my project?

Interia follows a well laid out process of engagement, which is designed for ensuring that a client gets best results within shortest possible time. First one or two meetings are done with the marketing team, which understands client’s requirements at a broad level, shares our latest projects and production facilities with the client and visits client site for a full assessment.

This is the time for a client to assess Interia’s design and execution capabilities and the build-n-finish quality of the end product. Once the client is satisfied and committed to progress with us, we will get site measurements done and details recorded to generate as is drawings. Next meeting takes place between the designer and the client to get detailed requirements on board.

Typically, a designer will take about 10 days to develop designs and full presentation that give a very comprehensive idea about design, look and feel of the entire place. Once the client conceptually approves the designs, Interia can generate detailed costing and time required for execution.

10. How much of my personal time would I need to invest?

When you hire a professional agency, there is no need to personally supervise anything. However, you should ensure that all finishes and materials are run past you or selected jointly. You should have clarity in what exactly you will get at the end. So, your time can be optimized thru systematic, planned material selection.

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