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Mr. Umesh KumarCEO

When passion is incubated, nourished, tested and ‘designed’, that’s when creation transforms into art. This is the story of a man who spent the better part of his life living jumping from one creative chapter to another seeking the perfect manifestation of a purpose, not knowing that he was nurturing a mastery of Interior Design all this while. This is the story of Umesh Kumar, the founder and CEO of Interia who began his journey into Interior Design in the classrooms of IIT.

At IIT Mr. Kumar found himself fascinated by beautiful harmonious spaces, flowing contours, colors, arrangements and elemental rhythms. Naturally, he ended up juggling time between his academics and all sorts of explorations in design. Design was this newfound love of his that demanded time and thought (which he happily gave) but alas Design was not to take up the form of a career after his academic stints! Our story now meanders into the realms of advertising, which Mr. Kumar believed was the perfect middle ground for him to entertain his creative pursuits and also the more ‘career-oriented’ ones. As time progressed, Interior Designing began occupying the recesses of Mr. Kumar’s time, as a hobby.

this hobby continued to feed into his interests and Mr. Kumar’s fascination with spaces continued brewing, Interior Design finally found the moment to shine, as an idea! It erupted as the Idea to do up his own home after a string of unsatisfactory, unoriginal efforts by others in the market. One thing led to another and Mr. Kumar was designing homes for his friends. Soon enough, pen was put to paper and Interia was born in 2009! Today Mr. Kumar, or UK, as he is fondly called, runs the renowned enterprise along with a large team of expert Interior Designers and Architects, rethinking and recreating spaces to give them a personality and life of their own! This is Mr. Umesh Kumar, and this is his legacy, Interia


AnchalSenior Designer

Easy going and friendly, Anchal is able to strike a good cord with clients and team equally. She is able to provide clarity to clients who are confused by expressing her point of view clearly, gently yet firmly. Over the years she has built a good understanding of different aspects of design be it furniture, materials, lights ..... and clients get huge benefits out of her experience.


SunilSenior Account Executive

Nothing goes unnoticed from Sunil's hawk eye ! He is diligent and does not hesitate to have difficult conversations with people for the right reasons. He is highly ethical and inspires people to always do the right thing no matter what, helping build an ethical and process driven organization.


RajeshwariHR Manager

Raji ensures a good healthy work environment for people at Interia. She is able to keep a balanced view point between people and company. She makes sure that people work hard, play hard and in general have fun working at Interia! She hires the right talent for company, helps them settle down and grow in the organization making Interia one of the best companies to work for in this space. She is straight forward and to the point in her communication .


Shefali AgrawalChief Operating Officer

With over two decades of corporate experience in Program management, Client management and setting up new functions , she brings in lot of value in running the company professionaly . She is approachable and people find in her a mentor, guide, friend, someone who can help them achieve greater results.

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