Luxury Interior Designers in Vasant Kunj

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It is not easy to give your home a luxury design on your own as all your personal belongings should be included. Storage and utilizing empty corners and tables is of paramount importance. The key here is to have a clean and well-lit environment to move around and add embellishments without adding a clutter to your apartment. We paint the walls with beige, white or other lighter shades to make your room look brighter and larger.

We create a theme and color palette that you have always desired in your home. We help you choose the best color or theme for your fabrics, furniture and even home décor. We choose the colors and themes strictly according to your needs. Our luxury interior designers in Vasant Kunj always take care of your home interiors.

Interior Designers Vasant Kunj

We use storage units like drawers, shelving units, cabinets and drawers to store your items. We plan interiors as per the size of your living space. Suppose you have a small apartment, we design a coffee table which also serves as a storage box. This way, you can save both money and space when it comes to designing your apartment and it can easily keep your belongings. You can place other large items like shoes, clothes, and sports equipment etc. in storage facilities or closets in the property.

We add proper lighting to your space without having larger fixtures like hanging lights and chandeliers. We use table lamps, floor lamps, or ceiling lights fixed to the ceiling directly. This way, the whole apartment will light up and save space and look larger and well-lit because of its positioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you place furniture in a small apartment?

We place smaller furniture to make your room appear larger because of a lot of small items in comparison to larger ones. Rather than adding a wide coffee table, we add two square ones with storage underneath.

How do we use empty corners?

You can use empty corners as storage or you can add a corner desk to make the most use of it. Most people overlook the corners and they are often left vacant.