Apart from Interia, some of other top interior designing companies in Gurgaon include Radian Design & Contracts, Homezop, Mads Creations, Tribuz Interiors Pvt. Ltd, Creations, Décor Solutions, Globus Interio Design and El Nido. All of them are reputed and renowned players in the field of designing spaces of any nature. You can check their services and solutions and realize your interior designing goals with effortless ease Read More

Utilize the experience of interior designers and glow your home

It happens that we even don’t like our own home or certain aspect of it. We may not feel the interior to reflect our style or the spaces to appear somewhat dull or uninspiring.  read more

Kids Room Innovative Design Ideas

  Inspired by wall art

Creative ways to cover the walls. A great way to add magic to your kid’s room; use stickers, whimsical themes and much more!

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Different Design Concepts

Texture interior design

If everything is too similar, our eyes have trouble focusing and tend to glaze over. Use of texture in interiors is done to make sure the most important elements pop.Texture seems to always to be an afterthought when it comes to interiors and we’re here to change that. Our reasoning: Texture is the thing that makes a room pop. It’s what brings a perfectly fine design up to enviable levels.  Read More….

Interior Design Philosophy

Our approach to design is not very different from a writer’s approach to writing. To start with, we begin our work on a blank sheet of paper. Within this space we shape abstract ideas into existence, and give them a reality of texture. We summon a rainbow of colours that inspire, and harness the power of light to extend their meaning. And we impress a finesse of finish at  the end, because we like our designs to have happily‐eveafters. It is this intimate relationship with the elements of Space, Shape, Colour, Texture, Light and  Finish that gives each home a rich story to tell. Read more….

Interia Advantages

Interia’s unique interior design advantages rest on twin pillars of ethics and passion.Undying passion leads to creation of out-of-this-world experience in all its projects. And strong ethics reflect in extreme reliability that the Interia clients experience during and after the project. It means that all commitments with regard to time, cost and quality are of paramount importance to Interia. Read More